Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery



The two faculty members within the Trauma division are committed to educating students, residents, and fellows in the treatment of all facets of traumatic injury. Education associated with this division include:


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Patient Care

The Division of Trauma within Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine’s Department of Orthopaedic Surgery treats problems related to the bones, joints, and soft tissues (muscles, tendons, and ligaments) following trauma. The service is particularly involved with the repair of fractures or other major musculoskeletal injuries, and often deals with more severe or harder to treat injuries such as polytraumatic injury with multiple fractures, fractures associated with significant soft tissue injury, complex intra-articular fractures, and complex pelvic and acetabular fractures.

The Division is comprised of Bradley Merk, MD, and Michael Stover, MD.  Dr. Merk is the Director of Orthopaedic Trauma and an Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery.  His practice is focused on upper and lower extremity traumatic injury and reconstruction.  Dr. Stover is a Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery whose practice is focused on pelvic and hip traumatic injury and reconstruction.