The faculty members of Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine believe that research plays a critical role in the advancement of care. Our research leads to advanced orthopaedic surgery techniques and interventions as well as demonstrates a continued dedication to scientific evaluation and innovation. Browse the categories below to learn about our ongoing work.

Faculty Highlights

Wellingn K. Hs, MD

Wellington K. Hsu, MD

Wellington K. Hsu, MD, a leader in sports outcomes research, was quoted in a recent New York Times article about Tiger Woods' return to professional golf after recovering from spinal fusion surgery.

Erin Hs, PhD

Erin Hsu, PhD

Erin Hsu, PhD, and colleagues were awarded a grant from the Women's Health Research Institute to study differences in bone regeneration between males and females.

Silvia Minardi, PhD

Silvia Minardi, PhD

Read Nanostructured materials for bone regeneration. The article was recently accepted for publication. The study team was led by new faculty member Silvia Minardi, PhD, research assistant professor.

Our Priorities

Community Involvement

The department’s faculty members serve on numerous editorial boards, regularly contribute to scientific journals and frequently lecture at local, regional, national and international forums to scientific and lay audiences. Department faculty are leaders in the dissemination of scientific information to orthopaedic surgeons, including editing major textbooks in the field.

Resident Research

We believe research is an integral part of our stydents' and residents' education. Not only is research part of developing a trainee's medical knowledge regarding orthopedic surgery, but it also initiates them on a path for lifelong learning within the field. Learn more on our Student & Resident Research page.

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